The American Dream

The American Dream

I don’t hate my job, but I don’t want to work.
My hours spent working don’t measure my worth~
Except in dollar signs, and clothing and toys...
I trade in my life for inanimate joys.
Because that, my friend, is the American dream.
But when you wake up, life’s more than it seems!
I work for electricity, when the sun light is free.
And pay for water, even though it’s dirty.
I fill up my gas tank with the blood of the Earth,
So I can drive to and from work.
I continue the cycle day in and day out,
And wonder if this is what life’s all about.
Live to work, work to live.
Take, take, take with nothing to give!
Our food is poisoned and so are our souls.
This life of mine is getting old.
It’s time to wake up! It’s time to see!
I won’t let my life pass by me.
But how can we change things when everyone’s blind?
More time spent with co workers than the loves in our lives.
Not by choice, but to pay those bills!
And live the dream American’s built...
Where we don’t raise our own kids or grow our own food,
And we’re tired and grouchy with short tempers and bad moods.
Over worked and underpaid.
Over stimulated by video games.
No real interaction except when we’re forced~
And more of our jobs are becoming out sourced.
The American dream is dead and gone...
I wonder where it all went wrong?
I’m sad, and depressed like so many of you.
I’m sick and I’m tired of just “making do”
I just want to be loved and financially free!
And to not have to worry about hunger or greed.
To interact freely with family and friends.
And to be able to say, when my time on Earth ends,
That I did what I could and I have no regrets!
That’s what the dream of American’s should be.
Is that the dream you share with me?
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Wow, touched me. I wish the world was a different place. :/

Sometimes I think about just leaving my job. Move to a different country and live off the land like we were intended to do. Wealth can’t buy health or


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