About Us

BoogieThreads started with a goal of bringing people together in the joy of handmade art and music. It has grown to a point that we could only have dreamed, and we do not plan to stop there! We are a growing collective of talented artists with a wide variety of style and merchandise.


Our Mission

Every day is spent trying to improve the service we can provide this amazing planet. Not only do we want to create the best artwork and products we can, but we want to do our part on helping the world evolve our consciousness into something magical. Our members are extremely active in the community and are always looking for ways to help. 


Family Owned and operated!

BoogieThreads was started in September, 2011 by Damen and his partner. When you buy from us, you are supporting artists, friends, and family. 


Made in USA

We take pride in the fact that everything we sell is made by happy workers in the USA. If it is not made in our home by our family, it is by another company in the US that has excellent working conditions for their team. With that some of the best quality products are crafted!