You Want It? Go Get It!

You Want It? Go Get It!

Visualize that which we want out of life and it shall be ours.
Nothing is outside or our reach, if we stretch far enough.

Our world is a giant playground
filled with swings, slides, teeter totters...
All the ups and downs for our soul to experience.
We play, we fall, we get hurt, we get back up and play some more.

If you don't like the rusty old slide in your playground,
find a new one to play in.

If your swing doesn't swing high enough for you to touch the sky, fix the chains by which it hangs. Add new links.

If the teeter totter is too heavy on one side,
Oil the hinges, or find someone to share your seat with.
If the steps in your playground are broken
don't sit in the sand and cry,
build new steps so you can reach the top.
Or climb the sides as if you were scaling a mountain!

After all, there's more than one way to reach the top.
And once you get there,
whether by steps or swings,
the view will take your breath away.
And you'll never want to be at the bottom looking up again.

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