Copy of About Us

Our Team

Damen Bonneau GratefullyDyed Owner and Artist

Damen   -  Owner & Artist

Just another guy doing what I can to push my limits! I'm lucky enough to do what I love and will continue to do my best at it.

Tierney Pinkous Gratefully Dyed Artist and Assistant

Tierney   -  Assistant & Artist

The right hand of GratefullyDyed. She helps with all activities and creates some amazing artwork to add to our selection.

althea doge such wow assistant service animal dog

Althea   -  Partner in Crime

This pretty gal goes with us everywhere and brightens everyone's day she meets, as one of the best companions around!


Interesting Facts

BoogieThreads started with a goal of bringing people together in the joy of handmade art and inspired music. It has grown to a point that we could only have dreamed and we do not plan to stop there! We are a growing collective of talented artists with a wide variety of style and merchandise.
Here are a few interesting facts about us:

Family Owned

and operated!

BoogieThreads was started by Damen Bonneau in September, 2011. All operations are managed by him with the help of his lovely girlfriend and small team of friends. When you buy from us, you are supporting artists, friends, and family. 

99% Rating

Our supporters stay happy!

Our website is still new but we have had a 5 year run on Etsy and our customers have left us with a 99% overall shop rating. You can be sure you will be just as happy as every one of them!

Made in USA


We take pride in the fact that everything we sell is made by happy workers in the USA. If it is not made in our home by our family, it is by another company in the US that has excellent working conditions for their team. With that some of the best quality products are crafted!


Our Mission

Every day is spent trying to improve the service we can provide this amazing planet. Not only do we want to create the best artwork and products we can but we want to do our part on helping the world evolve our consciousness into something magical. Our members are extremely active in the community and are always looking for ways to help. 



Our Creation

"I started BoogieThreads in 2011 with a small loan from my mother and a bumpy road behind. My younger years consisted of me being pretty stupid and ended in me getting in a lot of trouble right after I turned 17. After having the "lovely" experience of dealing with the US justice system, I turned to guitar and eventually re-entered the festival scene as a fan of music, people, and staying out of legal trouble...

In that weird journey I met a ton of beautiful souls, including Andy, a terrific person and great brother. Andy was a Tie-Dyer - pretty basic stuff: spirals, scrunches, etc. but beautiful none-the-less! In my travels, I would occasionally take some of his work with to help him sell it and try to make a few bucks or some free threads for myself.

After a couple years Andy unexpectedly passed away (may he rest in peace). After some time to grieve, I came up with the idea of starting to tie-dye in his honor. With a bit of planning, and a loan from my madre for supplies, I started "BoogieThreads" --small, but started none the less. It was clear to me right away that this was exactly what I was supposed to do with my life. So I worked and worked, studied, worked, studied, worked some more, and occasionally slept until I felt we were where we should be. Who am I kidding, that's still my schedule...and I love every minute of it! Hard work, family, and the wonderful support of our bright community keeps BoogieThreads growing and we are really looking forward to a future with you on this amazing planet!" -Damen Bonneau


Top Quality Products

We only want the best for our customers. If we sell something that is not handmade by us at home, we make sure it comes from the best manufacturers around.